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Dr Leisure Kihei Arts Council League ( KACL ) is a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts situated on the island of Maui. KACL maintains the art room in the Kenolio Recreation complex in Kihei, HI. 

Currently the Art room is being renovated. The floor has been painted and the cupboards are in going to be refurbished. Watch this site to learn of  coming events.

Members, past members, indeed anyone who has left materials in the art room over the last twenty years, please remove whatever you have left that you treasure or want.

In an effort to revitalize the space abandoned materials will be discarded if not usable. If usable they will be made available to individuals utilizing the art room. Materials left over thirty days are considered abandoned. If material left in the art room is servicable yet not usable in current art room functions it may also be donated to the Salvation army. 

Dr. George R. Harker
President, Kihei Arts Council and League

For some archival information on KACL click archives.

A web site worth mentioning and visiting if you are interested in figure drawing is:  http://www.figuredrawings.com/linkspaintings.html

Membership:  Interested individuals can become members of the Kihei Art Council and League by sending a check for $20 to KACL, P.O. Box 1137, Kihei, HI 96753. Members will receive a monthly news letter with more details on KACL activities. 

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--Writer Dr. George R. Harker is president of the Kihei Arts Council and League and  can be reached by email at drleisure1@aol.com.

Article may be reproduced with appropriate credit: drleisure.com/KACL.htm

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 Amazon.com a great source for just about anything these days!  Then check out the European counterparts below.