FEBRUARY 4, 2008

Dr. George R. Harker
Dr. Leisureís Friends of Makena State Park
P.O. Box 1137
Kihei, HI 96753-1137


Honorable Governor Linda Lingle,
Executive Chambers, State Capitol,
Honolulu, Hawai'i 96813

February 4, 2008

Honorable Governor Linda Lingle:

January 13, 2008 is the fourth anniversary of the death of Richard McKeon Young in the surf at
Makena State park. Witnessing Richardís death prompted me to become involved in the effort to
get life guards in the park.

Funding was approved by the legislature in 2007 with $406,000 available July 1, 2007.  The plan
was for the County of Maui to provide the service. The dollar amounts involved were based on
their estimates of the cost of providing the services.

I met with the county personnel who were to handle the implementation of this program
December 21, 2007. Apparently there is little if any dialogue with the park superintendent on
bringing lifeguards to Makena beach.

It appears that county personnel  have convinced themselves that the county will be liable if
every aspect of providing this service is not done correctly from day one. They are not able to
indicate when that service might be available. In the meantime there have been over forty
injuries including sixteen neck or back compression injuries. The demographics of those injured
suggest that the presence of lifeguards explaining the hazard of the Makena shore break would
go far in reducing injuries.

Visitation on the beach ranges from a few hundred during off season week days to sixteen
hundred on January 1, 2008. Except for an occasional patrol by Maui county police or DLNR
officers on four wheelers there is no state or county presence on the beach. People fen for
themselves seeking assistance from others on the beach and calling 911.

Each injury is a potential suite against the State for what could be millions of dollars. I am
working with a local attorney and some of the families of injured individuals to bring those
suites forward.

You were quite successful in moving the SupperFerry to operation. Perhaps you could use your
administrative skills and political clout to bring life guards to Makena State Park in the
immediate future.



George R. Harker
Dr. Leisureís Friends of Makena State Park

Laura H. Thielen, Chairperson, Department of Land and Natural Resources
Taryn R. Schuman, O`ahu Member (Term: 7/01/05 - 6/30/09)
Robert Pacheco Hawai`i Member Interim Appointment
Ron Agor Kaua`i Member (Term: 7/01/04 - 6/30/08)
Jerry Edlao, Maui Member (Term: 5/02/06 - 6/30/09)
Timothy Johns
Dr. Samuel M. Gon III Member-At-Large (Term: 5/02/06 - 6/30/09)
Dan Quinn, Director State Parks, Department of Land and Natural Resources,
Phil Ohta, Makena State Park Superintendent, DLNR,
Randy Awo, Maui branch chief of state Division of Conservation and Resource Enforcement.
JOSEPH "JOE" SOUKI , DISTRICT: 8th (Kahakuloa-Wailuku-Waikapu)
BOB NAKASONE ,DISTRICT: 9th (Kahului-Lower Paia)
ANGUS L.K. MCKELVEY, DISTRICT: 10th (West Maui-North Kihei)
KYLE T. YAMASHITA , DISTRICT: 12th (Upcountry)

MELE CARROLL, DISTRICT: 13th (East Maui-Lanai-Molokai-Kalaupapa-Kahoolawe)
SHAN S. TSUTSUI , District: 4th (Kahakuloa-Wailuku-Waikapu-Kahului-Lower Paia)
ROSALYN "ROZ" BAKER ,District: 5th (West Maui-South Maui)
J. KALANI ENGLISH , District: 6th (Upcountry-East Maui-Lanai-Molokai-Kahoolawe)

Mayor Charmaine Tavares , COUNTY OF MAUI,
Maui County Council Members 2007
Council Chair G. Riki Hokama
Council Vice-Chair Danny A. Mateo
Councilmember Michelle Anderson
Councilmember Gladys Coelho Baisa
Councilmember Jo Anne Johnson
Councilmember Bill Kauakea Medeiros
Councilmember Michael J. Molina
Councilmember Joseph Pontanilla
Councilmember Michael P. Victorino

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