(With an Emphasis Upon Sexuality and Body Perception)
by C.G. Gill (Issued Year 2001)

To Readers:

The purpose of this paper is to enlighten interested persons relative to a most unhappy period of religious association I experienced in 1998 at what I belatedly discovered is a "fundamentalist" church parish. This parish is located in northern Virginia (in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area) and is affiliated with the national Episcopal Church.

I have long been-and remain-uncomfortable with the concept of religious fundamentalism. My concerns primarily involve the negative tone the adherents thereof typically ascribe to most forms of sexuality and the perception they commonly accord the human body. After satisfying my one-year financial obligation to the parish in question, I felt compelled to transfer to a new one.

The accompanying material explains my reasoning. It begins with two sheets identifying (1) Biblical passages sited herein, and (2) a list of named scholars and others whose various writings are deemed relevant as shown. My research results are presented in....DrLeisure.com/GILL2001.pdf

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