Naked Volleyball

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Chaper 57

Naked Volleyball

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Nude volleyball seems to be synonymous with nudism in the popular culture. Hawkeye mentions it in the television series MASH. And indeed I have seen a volley ball court on most every nudist resort and even on some nude beaches. During one winter a volleyball net was in place on Little Beach in Maui. I even played a game or two until I fell and found that sand can be pretty hard. I decided I didn't care for the idea of going home from the nude beach with a sore and bruised leg.

The ultimate volleyball experience from most any perspective has to be the annual gathering at White Thorn Nudist Resort located in Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. The weekend after Labor Day is the traditional time for Superbowl.

I had heard about this event for years and decided as an expert on nudity I had to experience first hand the sight of 1400 naked volley ball players. With these numbers and the sort of exposure the event was getting in the press I assumed it would be a good place to see the interaction between the seasoned nudist and the non-nudist public drawn to the event from sheer curiosity.

It was a day and a half drive from Macomb and I took my camper truck. The first night I spent outside Columbus, Ohio in a 76 gas station truck stop. I parked in a corner of the lot behind some barricades intended to keep a fire lane open. A great location because my rig was protected from the big trucks.

About mid day on the next day I found myself maneuvering down the backwoods lane that I have come to associate with nudist resorts in Pennsylvania and other parts of the east coast. The resorts seem to be set back in secluded valleys or hollows away from the general population. They are generally not in places one would stumble upon in the course of traveling about on the super highways. White Thorn was no exception. It was a co-op camp established in 1962. Some one hundred and sixty acres of ground was bought from a coal company for $5,000. The "high wall" remnants of the strip mining action of the coal company was on the property. A coal stripping shovel was also on the property and no one knew it was operational until the mortgage was paid off and the coal company came in and started up the shovel and moved it off.

I arrived at the entrance to the park and encountered a crew of two on a golf cart dragging some sort of spreader down the gravel road. I believe they were spreading calcium carbonate. This white powder draws moisture out of the air and combines with dust particles to create an little less dusty environment.

Two or three vehicles were stopped in the roadway. I stopped mine and ran up to the entry booth. I was asked to sign the roster in a manner that was legible and to indicate my club affiliation. The charge would be $25 for me and $10 for the camper. If someone else was with me that would be an additional charge of $25. If I had just a car the charge was $5 for the vehicle. The admittance fees covered the rest of the week and through Monday. A real bargain for those nudists used to paying a grounds fee which may be on the order of twenty dollars a day per person in addition to a camping or accommodation fee.

As I drove down the lane I noticed literally hundreds of people congregating around the volleyball courts. Some were playing and many were spectators. Not all the courts were in use. On one a young man tossed a basketball at a hoop in the corner. In all there were seven courts available for play. Three were hard surfaced and used as tennis courts on other occasions. Three others were grass and the remainder was apparently a basketball court when the tournament was not in session.

As one might expect many of the individuals I observed were nude. Those attired might be wearing sweat suite. Sometimes in complete outfits while some wore either the tops or bottoms.

I drove down the path following a golf cart driven by Laura who was going to show me where I could put my truck. Just a few hundred feet past the volleyball players she indicated an open area surrounded by campers and tents. I asked the occupants of a small motor home how they felt about me pulling in behind them. They had no objections and it was made clear to me by Laura that there would be a lot of people squeezed onto the site before the event was over and not to be so concerned about intruding on others. She was so right. Later that afternoon a 5th wheel rig was deposited perpendicular and behind me. A small van pulled in on one side and a mess fly tent was set up immediately adjacent to one side of my truck. The next morning I awoke to find a pop-up camper behind my truck and the pick-up that pulled it in parked between my truck and the path, a space I didn't believe was wide enough to permit another vehicle. Or at least so I thought when I pulled in!

In the days to follow I would get acquainted with many of the people nearby. The couple in the van beyond the pop-up were Bill and Martha. They apparently were in some sort of antique business. Moving about buying and selling antiques to make a living. The fellow in the pop-up was Jim. He had arrived about two in the morning since one of the brakes on his fairly late model truck kept locking up. He had recently had the front brakes replaced and the rear ones had just been adjusted, apparently to their detriment.

Another couple actually behind the fifth wheel were in tents. I would learn Fred and Pam were hearing impaired. I suspected as much when I saw the hearing aid and the nature of voice inflection which I had encountered before in such individuals. I was surprised to learn that the hearing aid did very little and that Pam utilized lip reading to a large degree to assist her in understanding what I was saying. I have met many people who have some type of impairment in the nudist environment. While I suspect many would like to believe the nudist environment is more supportive of accepting people as they are I suspect it just demonstrates that nudist are drawn from all segments of society.

After making sure my truck was as I wanted it, I headed out to find Kay. Kay is one of the key people for the co-op and usually answers the phone. I had met her a few years ago at a meeting of the Eastern Sunbathing Association. I wasn't sure I would recognize her, so I sought her out by asking various people I met. I was advised that she lived in the house immediately adjacent to the volley ball courts and went over to find her.

Kay did remember me. I had given her a couple of my Maui watercolor prints and I had also called the year before. Among the many things I learned about her and the co-op is that her name is simply "K" as in the single letter and not as I had thought.

One thing I learned from K was that the public is not necessarily invited to the Superbowl as I had thought. The event is really for nudists. However, if someone is interested and wishes to come they will not be turned away. Just how many "general public" people come I do not know and forgot to ask. Apparently it is not that many. Since the volley ball teams may be assembled right at the conference and it is not necessary that members be from the home club, almost anyone can play. Indeed some of the non nudist in attendance are volleyball players recruited by others wishing to win the competition. It is always interesting to note the stark white behinds of those volley ball players that obviously have very seldom if ever played volleyball in the nude before. (Judging from the pinkness of some a few will have warm memories for at least the days immediately following the event.)

I was surprised at the number of people I ran into that I knew! There was Pam and her husband, Dan, from the national headquarters in Kissimmee, Florida. There was a couple I had met at Turtle Lake Resort the previous summer. Before long Phyllis and Patrick Gaffnee, the owners of Avalon Nudist Resort arrived.

On Thursday and Friday various groups formed and reformed into different combinations. Informal alliances were established which eventually were coalesced into formal teams which were registered to play.

In all there were seven courts in action. The court closest to the main pavilion and clearly the one of main attention was where the women played.

It has to be every man's fantasy to see twelve nude women moving about a court. Tournament rules require that all play nude. And most do. True one might wear a shirt but in practice nearly all played nude.

I admit to being enthralled by the naked female form. I was struck by the variability in how the Goddess manifests herself. There were tall women, short women, women with short legs and long torsos, women with long legs and short firm bellies. Women with small breasts and women with large pendulous breast. Some bore a full tan while others had the white triangular patches that suggested normal attire in the sun was a bikini.

At one point I decided to seriously study the display of women before me. I was sitting to one side and slightly below the playing surface. I was essentially looking up the backside of all the players on one team. I tried to ponder the full sexual significance of the panorama before me. I had an extra towel draped over my lap least my fantasy got the better of me.

The reality was that I didn't need the towel. While I could fantasize having sex from the rear with each and every female in sight, it just didn't work. I didn't know the person. I didn't feel the desire or the passion that is there when you have feelings toward someone. I had to admit that watching a nude volley ball game is not a sexual turn on. To be sure it was pleasant enough. But the reality is that people are people. When you have met as many people as I have nude, the emphasis is on the intangible qualities of the individual, not on the shape of their body.

The comment of the ambulance driver and paramedic posted above the court, just in case, said it all. When I asked what his other friends said when he told them that his job was to watch a bunch of nude women play volleyball all day, he said, "They just don't understand. They don't understand that after a few minutes its just people playing volleyball. Being nude has nothing to do with it." He was so right. People are people and being nude has nothing to do with it. Sometimes if I even think about it, it is hard to believe that I find it unusual to be around a group of people all clothed. Particularly in a beach or pool setting. It is amazing to me how clothes tend to dehumanize humankind. But of course that is one message that nudist have been putting out for a long time!

Other aspects of the weekend event include "Bob's Dogs." Bob's Dogs is not a group of trained four legged creatures but rather the hot dog concession just off court-side. For a dollar one can get a plain hot dog and add all the condiments that one wishes. For a quarter more one can get sauerkraut or chili with and on the dog. Every now and then an announcement will come on the camp public address system tell that Bob's is open for business. A poster thermometer drawing on the side of the building notes the number of hot dogs sold during the course of the event. Sales in excess of a thousand seems to be the rule.

The Volleyball Superbowl was designed and is intended as a means to make money for the co-op club. All concessions are under the direct control of the club and outside vendors are prohibited. One apparently very lucrative concession is the sale of shirts and other items with the Superbowl logo. People que up to pay their fifteen to thirty-five dollars for a garment that they will wear declaring their involvement with the current Superbowl.

A common part of any conversation is the number of Superbowl's one has attended. For many it is their first or second. For others it is their tenth or fifteen. And indeed on occasions you meet the individual that goes back to the very first and has made every single one.

Vehicles and more nudists continue to roll in through the weekend. Every nook and cranny is packed with tent, camper or vehicle. The density of people is twice what you think the place could possibly hold. The energy builds as the games begin. Teams win and teams lose as the play proceeds on Saturday. Excitement builds through the day Sunday as the final eliminations begin.

Late afternoon Sunday the competition ends with the best team in various categories determined. Trophies are awarded with much fanfare. Winners and loser's are excited and everyone seems happy to have been a part of the event. The crowd that has assembled about the courts and the main pavilion starts to dissipate. People cluster in small groups and are seen embracing and saying good by to people they will likely not see until the following year at the next Superbowl.

Then starts a steady flow of vehicles and campers as people break site and leave for home. More people are moving about dressed than nude as the reality of returning to the clothed world manifest itself. The community of nudists will disperse into the greater community. With their clothes on, the golden tan line less bodies will go unnoticed by others, (unless of course revealed in the locker room of the local country club or the exercise facility).

By Sunday evening a surprisingly large number of campers have departed. By Monday noon only a very, very few remain.

Much of the unraveling of tents and campers I have missed. A woman I had met earlier in the week has decided to take me home for the night. I spend the night wrapped in her arms and dissipate what ever thoughts of love and passion that have built within because of the sight of so many nude females. Perhaps the passion buildup is greater than I had thought. In any event the love making is delightful and contributes to my found memories of Superbowl 25.

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